Beginning CRM…our first step into the challenge!

Wow – what a day!  Our first day with the CRM model at OLA and the teachers seemed both overwhelmed and excited.  We started our model with 80 minutes for each grade group ( above you will see our grade 7 staff as well as some of our division consultants) as we worked through the topic of Assessment.  Teachers had time to dialogue about what was working in their practice as well as where they will need supports to guide their teaching and student learning.

Thinking back to the process of CRM when it first began in my past school, I recall that one of the main goals of the process was to begin to develop common language and consistent practices throughout the school.  Beginning at OLA, this first step is also the first one that my AP and I wanted to embrace.  Often, with so many initiatives and practices in a school and division, teachers receive PD and some support, however after the PD and collaboration ends, teachers are again left on their own to work in isolation.

Working smarter, not harder, it’s up to the School Leaders to find ways to ensure that staff receive continued support for all the expectations that are placed on them – both professionally and personally.

Some think that embedding time for CRM has to be done prior to scheduling options, gym and library time as well as timetabling recesses, lunches and supervision.  Yes, that would be idea.  However with my moving to a school after all the scheduling had been done, we were still able to create time for all teachers to meet 80 minutes each week, during the school day to collaborate and support students.  It can be done and still run a balanced school budget. How you ask?  Stay tuned for more info.

I am also part of the Edmonton Regional Learning Constortium Community of Practice for CRM with Kurtis Hewson et al.  To sign up for this exciting endeavour and to see the CRM practice in a variety of settings be sure to sign up for the series. Click here for more info.

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