November 30 – Responsive Teaching

Today’s CRM session was all about responsive teaching.

Responsive to what you ask?

One of the critical components of ensuring that a process like CRM works, is that the process needs to be responsive to the needs of students, as well as to the needs of the teachers supporting them.

Early in October, all of our students in 5-8  (we are using the tool in 2-10 across the division)were required to complete the MIPI…Math Intervention Programming Instrument, created by EPSB, is a screening tool is based on the early level outcomes from the previous year. There are three goals that we are focused on at the school

  1. Inform Instruction
  2. Provide timely information to identify student needs  for planning and instruction
  3. Initiate collaboration and conversation amongst teachers at the school and district level

As part of CRM in early November, with the assistance of the school lead and division consultants, teachers had embedded time to graph and analyze the data and begin to see the correlations within their grade and as well, gaps that were on the continuum of 5-8.

One of the expectations during the results analysis as well as next steps was the requirement that all subject area teachers were in the sessions.  The necessity that all teachers have an understanding of the difficulties students were having, as well as their ability to place math and then numeracy strategies into their subject areas was magical.  For example the grade 7 teachers discussed collaborated on  how each of them specifically could add math to science, social and Language Arts.  Todays focus was what teachers want and need.  “What do I do with the data, and how will I do it?”  Collaboratively, of course!

Grade 5 Teacher’s response to the data

  1. Refresher
  2. Use stations to refine skills and focus students showing you what they know
  3. 15 minutes/station (60 minutes – 20 minutes of wiggle room)



Unit of Study Teacher table Technology Games Word Problems/Basic Facts
Practice skills worked on during the week Journals

Teacher questioning

Picture prompts

4 square (solve, explain, draw)


See Guided Math

partner/group games Worksheet

Student created

Vocabulary practice (sum, addition, etc.)

exploration/inquiry questions


Grade 8

Academic Vocabulary Science

  • perfect squares
  • square roots
  • squares
  • percents
  • Ratios (concentration)
  • rate
  • proportional reasoning
  • positive fractions
  • mixed numbers
  • integers
  • concretely
  • 3D objects
  • surface area
  • rectangular prism
  • triangular prism
  • right cylinders
  • volume
  • congruence
  • polygons
  • circle graphs
  • line graphs
  • bar graphs
  • pictorially
  • symbolically
  • Two-variable
    • Related but need to think of the word in the specific context
  • linear-relations
  • pythagorean’s theorem
  • nets
  • pictographs
  • probability

When we talk about what collaborative response really is, Hewson states that this shift of moving from sole to collective responsibility and perspective is at the heart of collaboration.  We believe that too.  We continue to challenge the status quo and change culture…one week at a time.

2 thoughts on “November 30 – Responsive Teaching”

  1. Responsive teaching will produce results. This idea is irrefutable.
    Continuous use of data and accountability for regularly improving student performance is at the core of CRM. Kudos to instructional leaders who want to help the responsive teacher acquire the content knowledge, skills and tools to educate all students, to align teaching to the diverse
    learners, to use data to redirect planning, teaching and learning.

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